The device is designed as a support aid for cameras, action cameras, mobile phones and GPS devices. ‘It is ideal for fixing onto cycle or motorcycle handlebars for filming outdoor adventure activities, but it will actually clamp onto anything 5-32mm thick, so the applications are numerous,’ claims UK distributor Kenro. The R1 Mini Ranger Clampod, part of the Takeway Clampod mini-tripod and clamping system, costs £29.94. For details visit


Press release

Kenro Ltd, the specialist photo & video distributor, has expanded its range of Takeway camera clamps with the introduction of the new R1 Mini Ranger Clampod, together with an expanded range of Clampod accessories.

Kenro is the UK and Ireland’s exclusive distributor of the versatile Takeway Clampod mini tripod and clamping system.

Following hot on the heels of its ingenious larger brother – the T1 Clampod introduced last year – the new R1 Mini Ranger version is aimed at action cameras, mobile phones and GPS devices. SRP is just £29.94.

It is ideal for fixing onto cycle or motorcycle handlebars for filming outdoor adventure activities, but it will actually clamp onto anything 5-32mm thick so the applications are numerous. The R1 Mini Ranger has a quick-release plate so an action camera or other device can be quickly loaded into place.

It can be used as a camera support aid in inaccessible places where handheld or tripod use is not possible, plus it can also be used with a flex neck for precise positioning in even more difficult places.

Clampod accessories, also recently launched, include:

Tablet Holder (TY102)

The optional tablet holder is compatible with tablets from 7” to 10.2” – such as iPad, Note 10.1 etc. The stored holder is only 15 cm x 6.4 cm, the max opening for tablet width is 20cm. SRP is £17.94.

Smartphone Holder for Sports (TY103) 

This is a smartphone holder for dynamic use – such as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, skateboarding etc. Even with violent shaking, a smartphone will not easily fall out. It is designed for smartphones from 4” to 5.7” in size. SRP is £15.54.

G1 Mini Tripod (TYG1)

The G1 is a table-top device which fits direct to cameras etc, via its 1/4” screw thread. It is designed to be used with the TYB01 Ball Head and T1 Clampod. Size folded: 15 x 11 x 7cm. Size extended: 9.5 x 4 x 2.4cm. SRP is £17.34.

Flex Neck (TYFN01)

The Flex Neck is 11cm long and fits the camera plate of the T1 or R1 Takeway Clamps along with the TYB01 Ball Head. Its bending action enables the user, in conjunction with a Takeway Clamp, to operate at more extreme angles. SRP is £22.14.

Ball Head (TYB01)
This mini Ball Head is designed mainly for use with the Takeway R1 Ranger, G1 Tripod or Flex Neck. It has a load capacity of 3kg and features a Quick Release Plate. SRP is £22.74.

Paul Kench, Kenro’s managing director, says: ‘When we introduced the original T1 Clampod, it provided users with a great-looking, excellent quality and very handy device to clamp digital cameras to virtually anything and it has been very well received.

‘This success led Takeway to design a smaller clamp aimed at the action cam and handheld device user, and the R1 Mini Ranger Clampod fits the bill perfectly. With its extended range of accessories, Takeway now has an extremely versatile and cost-effective device clamping system.’

All quoted prices are SRP guide, including VAT.