Ricoh has moved to reassure GXR system users of its commitment to developing the system by announcing the planned introduction of a further two lens/sensor units for 2010. At a meeting with Amateur Photographer magazine during the PMA show in Anaheim Kazunobu Saiki, the general manager for Ricoh?s European camera business revealed details one APS-C unit and a compact camera style unit that will expand the company?s range to four.

Due for sale in Summer 2010 will be the P10 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VC unit that will include a compact sensor with a resolution of 10 million pixels. The CMOS sensor will be back-illuminated, as with the unit used in the new CX3 camera, which will reduce the impact of noise in low light situations.

A GR Lens A12 28mm f/2.5 is due for launch in winter 2010 and will be fitted with a 12 million pixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor. Ricoh says this lens will have a manual focus ring as well as an AF system, and will be powered by Ricoh?s GR Engine III.

Ricoh plans to launch at least two new lens units a year, as well as at least one additional accessory unit.

Saiki-san outlined plans for a range of accessories for the GXR system including concept ideas, as at the system?s launch, for items such as a projector unit, a printer, and a file storage unit. He said the company is also considering a remote control system between the body and camera units for wildlife photographers. A sensor-only unit is also being investigated that will allow users of third party lenses to attach them to the GXR body.