Nikon has urged D750 users affected to return their cameras for free repair after some reported ‘unnaturally shaped flare’ appearing in their photographs.

Earlier this week, US photography website Petapixel suggested that a ‘quiet recall is underway’, adding that the D750 is ‘disappearing from stores’ shelves’.

A Nikon spokesperson told Amateur Photographer today: ‘We are not recalling the Nikon D750.

‘Some customers have experienced the issue and to ensure good customer satisfaction we have requested that those affected return the product to Nikon for inspection and fix.

‘We will inspect and repair light-shielding components, and adjust the AF sensor position at no cost to users.’

Nikon confirmed that ‘cameras stocked in retail’ will also be inspected.

‘Nikon is working with retailers to replenish stock with cameras which have been checked for the flaring issue.

‘[Earlier] in January, Nikon also announced that customers affected by the issue could return their camera to Nikon for service, free of charge.’

The Nikon spokesperson added: ‘With regards to how customers contact Nikon about this matter, we plan to initiate this service at the end of January.

‘We will announce further details, including instructions for requesting servicing, as they are determined.’

The D750 is a 24.3-million-pixel, full-frame, enthusiast-level DSLR.

Features include built-in Wi-Fi and a 3.2in, 1.23-million–dot resolution monitor – the first Nikon FX model to feature a tilting display.