Nikon has today launched View NX, designed as a ‘fast solution to the organisation and classification of digital images’. View NX allows the Picture Control functions of the recently unveiled Nikon D3 and D300 digital SLRs to be edited.

‘Based on the interface of Capture NX, View NX offers familiar features, such as the ability to sort images by labels,’ said Nikon UK in a statement.

‘View NX incorporates quick adjustment tools for NEF (raw) files, allowing exposure and white balance adjustments to be made quickly to multiple images.’

Nikon adds: ‘The Picture Control utility allows users to create custom Picture Controls which can be uploaded to the D3 and D300 cameras. View NX then enables Nikon Picture Controls or the users own custom Picture Controls to be applied to NEF (raw) files from existing cameras.’

To download View NX (and the new Nikon Transfer software) visit: