In what may have appeared to be a publicity man’s dream, the world’s fastest man was pictured not only holding a photographer’s D4 shortly after the 200m Olympic final last Thursday, but putting it to use.

The camera belonged to photographer Jimmy Wixtrom who works for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Bolt even gets a picture credit.

Though the resulting images of Bolt clutching the D4 – and the pictures he shot of fellow athletes – were splashed across TV, websites and newspapers for all to see, Nikon has since remained noticeably silent four days on.

Amateur Photographer (AP) understands that Nikon management are quietly jubilant, but the thorny issue of brand endorsement and Olympic rules have come into play.

Olympic organiser Locog enforces strict rules governing companies who are not sponsors of the Games.

It seems Nikon is being careful not to break any Locog regulations, but also mindful not to suggest that the triple Gold medal winner is endorsing its products.

Needless to say, Nikon UK tells AP that it has been monitoring press reports with interest.

To view Bolt’s images visit the Aftonbladet website HERE.