Nikon has confirmed that its Capture NX2 imaging software is not currently compatible with the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, but it is working on a solution.

Amateur photographer (AP) reader John Newell said the lack of compatibility will affect his ability to process wedding photos he hopes to capture this coming weekend.

Newell said he is furious that Nikon has not yet reached a solution, having just upgraded his computer with Windows 7.

In response, a spokeswoman for Nikon UK told AP: ‘We are aware of the current incompatibility between the two products and we are now working on making NX2 compatible with the new Windows 7.’

She added: ‘Customers can log onto our website and visit our customer help page to see a confirmation of this. We do not yet have a confirmed delivery date for when it will be made compatible, but will update customers as soon as we have any further information.’

Nikon Capture NX2