The Nikon School has announced it is moving online permanently and shuttering its former premises on Margaret Street in Central London. According to the company, the move online, originally prompted by the Covid-19 crisis, has been positively received, and the school has received over 3,000 new bookings.

“It is apparent that the quality of the courses… have not been impacted by being online,” said Nikon. “The digital landscape has allowed for scope to introduce improved teaching methods like split screen learning and recorded sessions for delegates to review. Secondly, bringing Nikon School Online has made this educational resource accessible to the whole of the UK.”

Neil Freeman, training manager at the school, added: “We went live with Nikon School Online in April with full and free access to all courses – ranging from introductions to DSLR and mirrorless photography, to workshops on food photography, Adobe Lightroom and even talks from world renowned photographers including Helen Sloan, Game of Thrones stills photographer, and Jasin Boland.”

See here for details of the new courses and the new pricing structure.