Nissin MG8000Yokohama – Nissin is poised to launch a hotshoe-mounted flashgun, claimed to be capable of maintaining a continuous burst of more than 1,000 frames without overheating.

The MG8000, on show at the recent CP+ trade show, outperforms Nikon?s new SB-910 and Canon?s Speedlite 580EX II, claims Nissin.

The MG8000 is Nissin?s response to photographers? demands for flash units that can keep up with continuous shooting.

Maintaining its full guide number, and a consistent output, the MG8000 recycles in 3 seconds for the first 200 shots, and then takes 5-7 seconds to recycle after that.

The company claims that tests with Nikon and Canon units show that both drop their guide numbers, and actually underexpose to avoid overheating.

Nissin says it has developed a new ceramic insulation for the inside of the gun as well as a new quartz-based flash tube, such as is used in studio flash-heads.

The company claims this provides better performance and maintains a lower temperature so the gun does not damage itself, and the quartz tube has a longer operating life than traditional units.

A glass screen is designed to protect the front Fresnel lens from the heat.

The MG8000 has a guide number of between 40-60m at ISO 100, is compatible with the PS3000 portable power pack and is due to go on sale in the spring.

Pricing has yet to be set, but Nissin representatives suggested 50,000 yen (approx. £400) as a guide.

Nissin MG8000

[Editing by Chris Cheesman]

Pictures: Damien Demolder