Nitecore has launched the world’s first electronic photography air blower – the BlowerBaby – which is designed to help you clean camera parts and equipment, such as sensors. 

A modern, electronic version of a conventional hand-pumped air blower, the BlowerBaby has a built-in 1500mAh li-ion battery, which is rechargeable via a USB-C cable.

To ensure you know when it’s time to recharge the BlowerBaby has a power indicator that shows green when it’s about or just above 50% power, blue when power is below 50% and red when the power has dropped below 10%.

The Nitecore BlowerBaby comes with a USB-C charging cable

The Nitecore BlowerBaby comes with a USB-C charging cable

Maximum wind speed

The BlowerBaby features a maximum wind speed of 70km/h (approx. 43.5mph), a uni-directional air intake and an aluminium alloy construction.

The BlowerBaby electronic blower gives you the option between replaceable standard or ‘sensor cleaning’ air filters that can be quickly turned, mounted and locked onto the air intake.

Using the ‘sensor cleaning’ filter (which is coloured blue in the centre) drops the maximum blow speed to 50km/h (approx. 31.1mph).

An angled view of the Nitecore BlowerBaby

An angled view of the Nitecore BlowerBaby

Dual-cleaning modes

Designed to keep your photo gear in optimal condition, the BlowerBaby can be used in conjunction with the Nitecore Camera Cleaning Pen for an effective cleaning process.

The £27.95 Cleaning Pen kit includes a camera body brush and lens cleaning brush, plus a magnetic carbon cleaning tip.

Nitecore advises using the Cleaning Pen with the BlowerBaby but, of course, the brushes shouldn’t be used on camera sensors.

The Nitecore BlowerBaby includes a standard USB-C charging cable.

Next to the unit’s USB-C charge port is a button that activates dual-cleaning modes – you can press and hold for fast cleaning, release to turn off, or double-click the on and off mode.

You can watch a short film about the Nitecore BlowerBaby below…

In addition to cleaning your camera and photography equipment Nitecore says the BlowerBaby, ‘can also be used on model kits and action figures, watches and jewellery, coffee grinders, musical instruments and other hard-to-clean objects!’

Nitecore BlowerBaby – key features

  • Input: 5V – 1A
  • Rated Power: 22.2W
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Rotational Speed: 26,000 RPM
  • Wind Speed: 70km/h (43.5mph with standard filter)
  • Dimensions: 137x61x30mm (5.39×2.4×1.18 inches)
  • Weight: 153g (5.4oz)

Pricing & availability

The Nitecore BlowerBaby is available now from the Nitecore website and is priced at £94.95.

To find out more go to Nitecore BlowerBaby Electronic Photography Blower.

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