Fujifilm SensiaPhotographers have lamented the end of Fujifilm Fujichrome Sensia slide film after the firm confirmed that production has ceased.

Photographers have used online forums to express their dismay at the move.

?That is terrible news,? wrote David Whitehall on a Flickr discussion group.

?Sensia 100 was the first film I shot when I first started seriously trying to learn photography about ten years ago??

Another user, named Kuronakko, said: ?Sensia had the best qualities of [Fujifilm] Provia and Astia combined but at a lower price.?

Announcing the move earlier this month, Fujifilm?s product manager for Professional Film Gabriel Da Costa said: ?Due to increasing production costs and decreasing demand globally, all Fujichrome Sensia film (100, 200 and 400 ISO) has been discontinued.

?Our laboratory in Leeds will continue to process and mount Fujichrome Sensia film until all stocks are depleted, including all rolls previously sold and awaiting processing.?

There are sufficient stocks of ?most speed?s to satisfy demand until December, claims the firm.