Speaking yesterday, by phone, a spokesman for Olympic organiser Locog told Amateur Photographer (AP) that new rules meant spectators would only be allowed to bring one interchangeable-lens camera, with a lens not exceeding 35mm in focal length.

This conflicted with rules published on the official Olympic website which limit the length of camera gear to 30cm, at all venues apart from Wembley where all interchangeable-lens cameras are effectively banned.

The news sparked disbelief among amateur photographers, many of whom vented their anger in comments made on the AP website.

Today, however, Locog’s press office adopted a different stance after checking an exchange of internal emails on its policy.

A spokeswoman told AP: ‘I think the “35mm” was a typo.

‘There was a slight misunderstanding and nothing has changed.

‘The policy for spectators on the [London 2012] website still stands.’

Locog today refused to be drawn on whether spectators are allowed to bring more than one lens with them.

The spokeswoman claimed that ‘common sense will prevail’ among
officials, before adding: ‘People on the ground will make decisions
based on these [previously stated] regulations.’

Last Saturday, a security official warned an amateur photographer that, under new rules, more than one lens would not be allowed at the men’s gymnastics in the North Greenwich Arena.

Locog’s rules add: ‘You cannot use photographic or broadcast equipment for commercial purposes unless you hold media accreditation.’