Photography enthusiast Chris Plant took a Nikon D3 with a 28-300mm and 14-24mm lens to the former Millennium Dome where he had a ticket to watch men’s gymnastics on Saturday.

Under Olympic organiser Locog’s previously stated rules, ‘large photographic and broadcast equipment over 30cm in length, including tripods and monopods’ are banned.

However, there has been no mention on the number of lenses spectators can bring.

Plant claims a security guard told him there had been a change in the rules.

‘I had read, and re-read, everything that I could find in the rules for Olympic events and felt comfortable that I could comply. I had no intention of using any photos for commercial use…

‘Yet, when I went to go through the final security hurdle, inside the arena itself, security were adamant that I could not take a second lens, and that they were only allowing cameras with one lens because of an error with the rules.

‘Apparently, they would not normally allow a lens wider than 35mm.’

The venue’s web page for prohibited items was not accessible at the time of writing, and a Locog spokesperson had yet to comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, the photographer has called on Locog to issue urgent clarification on the rules.

‘I have tickets for the Paralympics at the Excel and Olympic Park in a few weeks, so now I wonder what I can actually take to those.’

Earlier this month, Locog warned spectators not to bring any interchangeable-lens cameras to Wembley, in case they fall foul of rules on professional-looking cameras.

A spokesperson for G4S, which came under fire after failing to deliver enough guards, referred to the 30cm limit already outlined by Locog when contacted by Amateur Photographer a few weeks ago.