Pentax says it will launch ?three types? of camera next year but has so far failed to elaborate.

The information was contained in financial statements released by Pentax?s parent company, Hoya, last month.

A section on digital cameras states: ?Next year, we are planning to launch some three types, including minor design change versions, of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras.?

The Hoya statement adds: ?With a desire to offer cameras which will demonstrate our advantages? we will relaunch ourselves next year as a manufacturer of all-weather cameras which are strong indoors, highly water-resistant, splash-proof and dustproof, small and light, easily portable and tough (durable).

A Pentax UK spokesman told us; ?At present Pentax is not in a position to expand on the statement made by Hoya.?

The Hoya statement also revealed that a ?significant drop? in compact camera prices has had a ?grave impact? on sales revenue.

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