Pentax is investigating the possibility of launching a Micro Four Thirds-style camera, to compete against the likes of Olympus and Panasonic.

Stephen Sanderson, product coordinator at Pentax UK’s Imaging Systems Division, told Amateur Photographer: ‘We are looking into it and investigating different options. We will find out in due course whether we will do it [Micro Four Thirds] or not.’

The news comes just days after Sony hinted at the launch of a Micro Four Thirds-style product.

Micro Four Thirds is an interchangeable lens camera system first announced last year by Olympus and Panasonic.

Manufacturers say they hope to win over compact camera users who find DSLRS ‘big, heavy and difficult to operate’.

The absence of a mirror box – a feature of digital SLRs – helps to keep down the size of the camera.


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