Hoya has issued a statement following a press report that Pentax is to be sold to electronics giant JVC.

An article in a Japanese business newspaper pointed to the possible sale of Pentax to JVC.

Hoya reacted quickly. In a statement dated 4 November a Hoya spokesman said: ‘Today, a news media reported that Hoya Corporation would sell the business of digital cameras to JVC Holdings, Inc. However, it is not a fact that the article reported.’

Pentax became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hoya in 2008.

Last week Hoya stressed that it does not plan to shut down the Pentax camera business, according to an interview published by the news agency Bloomberg.

Hoya’s chief operating officer Hiroshi Hamada reaffirmed Hoya’s aim to join forces with another company for the long term survival of its camera business.

However, it was unclear whether Pentax’s current partnership with Samsung will form part of these long term plans.

In August, Hoya’s chief executive Hiroshi Suzuki questioned whether Pentax was big enough to ‘go it alone’.


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