Pentax has yet to comment on a Reuters press report that Hoya will launch an improved offer for Pentax in June.

The report suggests that Hoya is to go ahead with its revised bid for Pentax?s digital camera and medical equipment business by offering 770 yen per share. This is understood to be around 20% higher than the price that was under discussion a few weeks ago.

Hoya and Pentax announced their proposed merger plans in December.

It was expected to take place on 1 October this year.

Earlier this month, the merger plans were thrown into jeopardy when Pentax shareholders apparently felt that the original share swap ratio on the table undervalued their company.

However, to get the green light the revised offer will need to win approval from Pentax shareholders.

According to Reuters, Hoya hopes to ?gain the understanding of Pentax shareholders? by the end of May.

Pentax UK declined to comment when we contacted the company this morning.