Amateur Photographer?s photo-science consultant Geoffrey Crawley has welcomed news that the Paterson chemicals he formulated will have greater international availability under a new distribution deal.

Harman technology Ltd has struck an agreement with darkroom equipment supplier Paterson to help the West Midlands-based firm with its ?international distribution?.

Harman sees the move as a further sign of its ?long term commitment to the global analogue photography market? ? coming on the back of its Ilford brand?s campaign to ?Defend the Darkroom?.

Describing the deal as a ?landmark agreement?, Cheshire-based Harman states that it will use its established export channels to make it easier for customers to get hold of Paterson products.

These include three of Geoffrey Crawley?s liquid film developers aimed at delivering silver gelatin images with ?excellent sharpness?. They will be sold in a ?handy? 500ml size, instead of the current litre bottles, according to Harman.

The firm adds: ?These products, which include everything from tongs to spiral tanks and enlargers, have built up a significant following in the UK and the US. By establishing a trading relationship with Harman, Paterson now hopes to emulate this success on a truly global scale.?

Paterson will continue to distribute its products in the UK and a few other countries.

From this month Harman distributes to all other markets apart from the United States. Wynit Inc will distribute products in the US on behalf of Harman from 4 June.