A digital photo frame has been pulled from shelves of Argo stores nationwide because of concerns that users may receive an ?electric shock?.

The product recall applies to the ?5.6in? Texet Digital Photo Frame, said a spokeswoman for the Manchester-based manufacturer.

She told AP that the product is only distributed in the UK, and only to Argos stores.

A message posted on the Argos website warns customers: ?We have become aware, through our product safety monitoring, of a safety concern with the mains lead of this product.?

It adds: ?The end electrical contacts in the connector of the mains lead are accessible, leading to potential access to live parts. This may lead to the user receiving an electric shock.?

The recall notice has also appeared on the door of Argos?s high-street shops.

The Texet spokeswoman claimed that only a small number of frames have reached stores, admitting that the quality was ?not as expected?.

The product carries the Argos catalogue number ?570/0697?.

?If you have an example of the item from our Spring/Summer Catalogue 2007 stop using the item immediately,? warns Argos. ?Unplug the item and return it together with all the accessories to your nearest Argos store for a refund.?

Only the 5.6in model of the Texet Digital Photo Frame is affected by the recall which, therefore, does not apply to any other frames in the Texet range.