Speaking after the inquest, Tim Hetherington’s mother, Judith, told reporters: ‘He was an image maker and storyteller, that is how he liked to be described.

‘He was a wonderful humanitarian.’

The award-winning photojournalist was killed in Libya in April 2011, along with US photographer Chris Hondros.

Another UK photographer, Guy Martin, was injured when a mortar round landed on a group of journalists who were documenting attempts by Gaddafi forces to retake Tripoli Street in Misrata.

At today’s inquest it emerged that, at the time, there had been some disagreement among those in the group with Hetherington as to whether they should remain with rebel fighters, according to reports by newspapers including The Telegraph.

In a statement, Guy Martin is reported to have told Westminster Coroner’s Court that the group ‘considered we had pushed our luck that day’.

He added: ‘The fighting and level of violence we witnessed that morning was catastrophic, with hand-to-hand fighting, grenades being thrown, buildings being set on fire with loyalist troops still inside and incoming mortar fire coming from miles away.’

Amateur Photographer (AP) interviewed Tim Hetherington for a feature article in 2008.

The photographer is a former winner of AP’s Power of Photography Award.