Glacier imagesAs Britain basks in an autumn heatwave, a photographer highlights the ?serious consequences of climate change? in an exhibition of Himalayan glaciers which opens next week at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in London.

Images by photographer and filmmaker David Breashears, who has made eight trips to the Greater Himalayan region, will be shown alongside historic pictures of glaciers plucked from the RGS archives.

Breashears, who will deliver a lecture at the Society on 4 October, said: ?These then-and-now pictures have a powerful effect on the viewer, one that I hope will bring home the reality ? and serious consequences ? of climate change.

?Gazing at Italian photographer Vittorio Sella?s 1899 picture of the Jannu Glacier in Nepal ? a huge ice tongue filling a valley ? and then comparing it to my 2009 photo, in which the glacier has disappeared, creates a profound sense of unease.?

An RGS spokesman said Breashears has ?recorded losses and changes to glaciers that are otherwise inaccessible to all but the most skilled climbers, thereby providing an invaluable record for their future study?.

Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Great Himalaya runs from 3 October-11 November.