British photographer Leonie Purchas has scooped a ?20,000 prize with pictures of her own family. Leonie was awarded the prize at a ceremony held in Milan, Italy last week.

Judges, who included The Guardian newspaper?s director of photography Roger Tooth, said: ?Leonie chose to take an introspective look at herself through members of her family. Her images genuinely portray a fair, intimate and harsh story of her close relatives, which in turn tell a story of the whole human family.?

Leonie won the ?F? Award which was set up two years ago by Fabrica, the communication research centre at clothing retailer Benetton.

The award is also backed by the International Center of Photography in Milan (known as Forma).

Judges praised Leonie for her ?innovative photographic approach? with an ?interest in the human condition?.

The prize money will help the winner exhibit her project. It will also go towards publication of a book and a film about her work.

Picture credit: Leonie Purchas

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