UPDATE 4.15pm: The gunman is still on the loose, reports Libération. The photographer, who has not been named, was on his first day at the newspaper, where he was working for Next magazine, said Libération‘s managing editor Fabrice Rousselot.

On its website the paper says that the 27-year-old victim is in a ‘serious condition’.

The victim, an assistant photographer, was reportedly wounded in the chest and abdomen and had been preparing for a still life magazine shoot about ‘Christmas gifts’, according two female colleagues.

The shooting apparently happened in the main lobby of the newspaper.

‘The guy pulled out a gun from his bag and [fired] twice,’ another witness said.

The gunman is described as aged around 40 and wearing a long, green khaki-coloured coat.

He fled on foot, according to UK journalism publication Press Gazette.

The shooting occurred shortly before 10.15am local time.

More follows…