Body camera footage shows the moment an Ohio deputy fired shots at a press photographer, striking the man twice, after the police officer mistook his tripod for a rifle.

The shocking footage above shows the aftermath of the shooting and the conversation between the two men who actually know each other after the officer, Deputy Jake Shaw, 25, struck photographer Andy Grimm in the arm and in the side of his body.

Grimm, a staff photographer for the New Carlisle News was shot on Monday night, September 4, as he pulled his tripod from the boot of his car. He had pulled over to take pictures of a traffic stop and was also planning to take photos of a lighting storm that night. Acting, seemingly out of reflex, Deputy Shaw fired two shots in quick succession and then immediately ran over to a panic-stricken Grimm, who is audibly in shock and pain. In the audio, which is difficult to listen to, Grimm is heard repeatedly saying “I need to call my wife”, he also asked the officer to keep his camera bag safe and his camera, a Nikon D750.

As the video goes on, Shaw is actively trying to reassure the photographer that he’s going to be ok and that the shooting is “not that bad”. As Shaw continuous to comfort Grimm, he’s heard saying “I love you brother, stay with me…stay awake…you’re gonna be alright.”

The two men are heard discussing the incident in the aftermath, with the officer explaining that he mistook the tripod for a weapon. While the photographer, forgivingly says that he waved and flashed his lights, thinking that the officer had seen him.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office released the 7-minute video, which captured the shocking incident and  has reportedly placed Deputy Jake Shaw on administrative leave according to Grimm is said to have been taken straight to hospital where he had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Sadly his camera was not allowed to be taken into the ambulance with him as it was classed as evidence in the incident and remained on the floor in the rain over night.