Steve Gong picture

Picture: This portrait is among photos captured by UK-based photojournalism student Steve Gong who claims he was followed by a communist spy while on a visit to North Korea. A London exhibition of student work also includes images of South Korean military recruits

A photographer claims he was followed by a North Korean spy who was on a mission to delete his digital images.

Photographer Steve Gong says he was shadowed by a ?female government agent? while taking pictures in North Korea for a photojournalism course at the London College of Communication.

?I was followed by an ?intern? who gave me the excuse that she wanted to stay with me at all times to improve her Chinese,? said Steve.

?Every now and then she would ask me to take a picture of her then insist to have a look at it on my camera screen in order to also look at the other pictures I had previously taken.?

Steve is one of 30 MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students whose work has gone on show in an exhibition called Uncommon Ground.

Other subjects include ?motorbiking undertakers? and ?telepathic pets?.

The exhibition runs until 29 November.

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