A photographer protests with security guards who stop him taking pictures in a ‘public space’, in this video posted on YouTube.


The incident took place in Multrees Walk, Edinburgh on Friday, amid reports that security were cracking down on photography to avoid a threat of ram raiders.

Multrees Walk is privately owned, according a spokesman who told Amateur Photographer: ‘Multrees Walk has been ram raided on several occasions and after each incident security has been beefed up.’

Retailers had agreed to target people taking photographs as part of this policy, the spokesman told AP.

Multrees Walk is managed by LaSalle Investment Management, a London-based pension fund.

Though the street is privately-owned, stopping photographers in such areas often sparks outrage, as these locations are considered by many as public spaces.

AP understands that retailers were concerned that photographs could be used to identify security-sensitive information, such as the location of CCTV cameras or the type and make of shutter used to protect a shop front.

The spokesman confirmed that there are no signs at Multrees Walk to warn photographers against picture-taking.

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