A photographer who was attacked when he tried to stop a thief escaping with prints from his studio recognised one of the gang from a ‘portrait’ he had taken.

Mark Morrall, 54, suffered a fracture to his face and a broken finger after confronting the thief at his studio in East Meadway, Birmingham.

The man had strolled out of the studio with a ‘£49’ print. Two accomplices were waiting outside, one of whom the photographer recognised.

‘I have photographed one of them as a family portrait,’ Morrall told Amateur Photographer.

On his way out of the premises Morrall heard one of the culprits shout: ‘Mind the print!’

Morrall said he has struggled to hold his camera since the incident which police are still investigating.

The attack, which took place a few weeks ago, has forced the photographer to install CCTV cameras inside his studio.