A photographer who ran into trouble with police after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina is to go on trial in the United States next month.

New Orleans photographer John McCusker lost his house in the flooding that followed the 2005 hurricane, since when he has suffered personal problems.

Matters came to a head on 8 August 2006 when he was apparently seen driving wildly through the city, sparking a police chase.

?Police described McCusker as distraught, repeatedly saying: ?Just kill me, get it over with, kill me,? according to a report published yesterday on the Fox News website.

McCusker was accused of backing his car into one officer who suffered minor injuries.

He was then charged with battery of an officer and aggravated flight from an officer.

McCusker was part of last year?s Pulitzer Prize-winning team from the Times-Picayune newspaper, which was honoured for its ?heroic, multi-faceted coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath?.

McCusker is set to go on trial on 13 December.