A controversial exhibition of images captured by photographer Bob Carlos Clarke has sparked a second visit from police.

Two police officers visited the Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, London yesterday – the second such visit in a fortnight.

Last month local residents expressed concern that ‘pornographic’ images from the show were displayed in the window of the gallery and could be seen from the road outside.

Speaking today, the gallery’s director, Ghislain Pascal, told us that officers called around yesterday, but that no action was taken.

Two weeks ago police warned the gallery that it may be in breach of the Public Order Act and pointed out that the gallery is close to a primary school.

Among the controversial images is ‘Tite Street’ which is displayed on a wall of the gallery, but can be seen from the window.

Police advised the gallery to move the image away from the window but it refused.

A sign on the front door of the venue warns that under 18s should not visit the exhibition unaccompanied.

The gallery is largely dedicated to the work of Bob Carlos Clarke who died in 2006.

The exhibition, called Full Throttle, runs at The Little Black Gallery until 5 June.