Fujifilm has raised the price of film, photographic papers and printer supplies by as much as 20%, blaming soaring costs of raw materials such as oil.

The increases take effect from 1 July, confirmed Fujifilm UK?s director of Photo Imaging David Honey.

In a letter to dealers he wrote: ?To sustain its photo imaging business, Fujifilm has been undertaking intensive structural reforms to reduce fixed costs and improve productivity, and has been absorbing the increasing costs of raw materials used to manufacture films and papers over the past few years.

?However, the recent soaring costs of such materials as silver and crude oil mean that Fujifilm is no longer able to absorb these costs during the production process.?

The products affected ? along with their anticipated price increase ? are as follows: Fujicolour Photographic papers (10%); Colour Reversal Films (10%); Professional Colour Negative Films (10%); Black & White Films (10%); Instant Film (10%); Supplies for Pictrography and PrintPix series printers (20%).