Croydon around 1960

Picture: Croydon circa 1960, courtesy of fotoLibra

Photographers are urged to trawl their archives for pictures of unmodernised British ?streetscapes? and to get out and about with their cameras before such scenes vanish forever.

The project is being run by picture agency fotoLibra.

The agency’s founder Gwyn Headley said he wants to build a national collection of everyday scenes ?for posterity? ? depicting streets before old buildings and shopfronts are replaced by new developments.

?The unique character of some of our towns and cities is rapidly being lost as new commercial and retail developments change the face of urban Britain,? he added.

?We want to build a national archive of images of our disappearing, urbanised world, complete with shop windows, cars, fashions, hairstyles and even advertising billboards ? all of which date a photograph to a specific moment in time and can never be recaptured.?

The agency is particularly interested in photos taken before 1980 and promises fees for photographs subsequently used for commercial purposes.

?We aim to ensure our everyday heritage is not forgotten,? continued Headley.

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