A man faces a possible murder trial over the death of his wife whose motionless body was revealed in a photograph taken by a tourist during a scuba-diving trip.

David Gabriel Watson, 32, from the United States has been arrested and remanded in custody in Brisbane, Australia after voluntarily handing himself in to police.

Watson has denied drowning his 26-year-old wife, Christina, during a scuba-diving trip the couple took ten days after they got married in October 2003.

He wishes to clear his name, according to reports.

As we reported in 2007 (pictured), detectives pored over a photograph captured by a tourist during the dive, which took place off the Great Barrier Reef.

When developed the image revealed ‘Tina’s’ motionless body, lying on the seabed in the background of the picture.

The photographer, whose name was not made public, only realised the importance of the picture years after it was taken.

Watson, a certified rescue diver, said his wife was an inexperienced diver who panicked and got into trouble during strong currents.

He claimed that she knocked off his face mask and breathing regulator and that he was unable to bring Tina to the surface.

His wife was pulled from the water unconscious but later died.

An inquest treated the image as a crucial piece of evidence in the unexplained death.

The holiday picture also shows a diving instructor swimming towards Tina Watson’s body.