Photographers and videographers are set to share their techniques in a series of free online training sessions.

?The Manfrotto School of Excellence is an online tutorial platform which will allow users to log on and access the experience and know-how of the world?s most famous photographers and videographers,? said Manfrotto in a statement.

The tutorials will be presented in video or ?editorial? format, each ?seminar? lasting 30-45 minutes.

Subjects covered will include portraits, still life, news photo/videography and documentaries.

The tutors will cover use of lighting and post-processing, for example.

?The platform will offer a series of free training sessions of varying difficulty (from beginner to advanced level), designed to add to the knowledge of all enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike,? claims Manfrotto.

?It is just the thing for those wishing to take their skills to the next level and satisfy demanding customer expectations, or for hobbyists who want to pick up some tips to implement in their own creative world.?

For details visit or call 01293 583300.