Two Amateur Photographer (AP) readers have tied the knot, seven years after a chance meeting on the magazine?s website.

Tanya Lowe and Ian Gregory first exchanged messages using AP?s online gallery, which led to them hooking up in person at the Focus on Imaging show in 2005 and moving in together soon after.

?I blame AP or at least the gallery spin-off, where I happened to post a few pictures and Ian made comments,? wrote Tanya in a recent message posted on AP?s website forum.

?So, off I went to look at his website and sign his guest book.?

Tanya told AP?s newsdesk she was ?in awe? of the images Ian had posted to the gallery, having found out he had won honours in the magazine?s Amateur Photographer of the Year contest.

?I can?t remember exactly what the pictures were that I posted? I was very new to photography and into my garden flowers.

?Ian, along with a few others, said how much they liked them and gave a few tips on how to improve ? I was using a compact at the time. Their encouragement pushed me into photography becoming a hobby.?

The couple, who live in Denvilles, Hampshire got married at a register office in Portsmouth on 29 February ? leap day.

Picture credit: Damien Lowe