Photographers and other ‘artists’ are urged to converge on Chatham in Kent for an event being organised following the arrest of photographer Alex Turner under the Terrorism Act.

Turner was arrested earlier this month on Chatham High Street. He was ‘dearrested’ the same day.

The photographer made an official complaint to Kent Police and said that the incident left him ‘traumatised’. Police are conducting an internal enquiry following the complaint.

Members of Medway Eyes, a local ‘artists collective’, want photographers to bring their cameras to the event which is planned for 15 August at 11am.

‘We really want to point out what the rights of photographers are,’ a spokesman for the organisers told Amateur Photographer.

‘We want to have an assembly in the middle of Chatham. We are going to get everybody together in one place, with their cameras, after which we will disperse to take photos of the town.’

People will then be encouraged to upload any photos they take, along with their experiences, to Flickr and Facebook.

The spokesman continued: ‘We especially want to point out the value of social and documentary photography.’

He told us that it would be a great shame if future street photography was limited to ‘CCTV images and Google Earth’.