A spokesman for the Imaging Warehouse, which supplies darkroom chemicals and paper, told Amateur Photographer (AP): ‘It’s part of the whole vintage movement.’

The company, which is based in Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire, says darkroom printing is not confined to people who use film – but also appeals to those capturing images digitally.

Managing director Robin Whetton said: ‘They can shoot digitally, then convert [the image] into a negative and darkroom print it.’

The Imaging Warehouse, which started life as Nova Darkroom in 1983, stocks brands including Ilford, Kodak, Kentmere and Harman.

In October, it emerged that a ‘growing trend’ for film-based photography was behind plans to open a new London darkroom to the public.

The darkroom – located at Kensington and Chelsea College and initially only open to students – comes as film photography ‘makes a comeback’, according to college bosses.

• The Imaging Warehouse also makes PermaJet inkjet products, and last month launched paper that allows photographers to show their work to friends and family on postcards and greeting cards. It costs £12.95 for 25 postcards and £29.95 for pre-scored A4 paper designed to produce 25 greeting cards, for example. Also new is the SnapShut Folio (pictured below) which allows photographers to display their portfolio in a book format, and replace the prints when needed by folding back the cover. It uses a newly designed clasp spine system. The SnapShut Folio costs from £14.95 (for an A5-sized folio). For details visit www.permajet.com