A photography lecturer is celebrating after one of his photos was snapped up by the National Portrait Gallery.

Jonathan Worth, a freelance photographer who lectures at Coventry University, described the news as a ‘huge honour’.

He added: ‘I had a phone call out of the blue from someone who was interested in my work and it later transpired in the conversation that she was from the National Portrait Gallery and they wanted to buy one of my photographs.’

The gallery has chosen the portrait as its ‘Photograph of the Month’.

It shows writer Alan Moore with wife and artist Melinda Gebbie.

Captured in February 2007, it was shot at a restaurant in Northampton for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

Jonathan – whose employers have dubbed him a ‘national treasure’ – added: ‘To have my work recognised by the world’s most prestigious portrait gallery is truly amazing and I am hoping that I can retain their interest with the work that I continue to produce.’