The firm confirmed that a 16-55mm f/2.8; 90mm f/2.8 and a 140-400mm zoom are also on the horizon.

Meanwhile, in an interview with AP at Photokina, Makoto Oishi, from Fujifilm Japan’s product marketing and planning division, said Fuji is now looking at the possibility of installing 4K video into a future X-series model.

Asked if Fuji will produce a 4K-capable camera, Oishi replied: ‘Now we are investigating the possibility of 4K video.’

However, he said the firm has not yet decided on a future model in which it would appear. It could feature in an X-T-series camera, for example.

Oishi indicated that Fuji does not plan to launch an ‘X-Pro2’ at CES in January 2015.

Fuji is looking into the timing of such a camera, but Oishi would not confirm whether an ‘X-Pro2’ was even in the pipeline.