A new ‘ultra compact’ tripod weighing just 500g, the Novo Mantis T3 Mini Tripod has been released. The tripod folds down to just 21.5cm when it is closed, so it could fit into a jacket pocket without much forcing, and certainly a bigger camera-bag pouch. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Novo Mantis can hold up to 5kg of camera equipment.

The tripod is made from aviation-grade aluminium and Superweave carbon fibre, with a hard anodization finish for scratch resistance and robustness, plus carbon fibre legs with rubber twist locks designed for fast leg extensions. Stainless steel spikes can be used for extra stability in softer ground, by removing the rubber feet on the legs. “You can attach virtually any type of ball, 3-way or video head to the platform, using the integrated spring loaded thread (mainstream 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads),” said the company, so you no longer need to unscrew and flip to get the optional thread type.

Novo has also announced the Mantis ET25 Tripod Column Extender, which attaches to your existing tripod platform via the universal 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch thread present. It is also made from Superweave carbon fibre and entends to a maximum of 350mm, with a closed form of only 210mm. It can take loads of up to 8kg. Available now.

The Novo Mantis T3 Mini Tripod costs £69 while the Novo Column Extender is £29.