Polaroid has delayed the launch of its first camera with a built-in printer until next year, dashing expectations that it would be ready by Christmas.

The news comes as Japanese toymaker Tomy this week debuts a similar camera, a five-million-pixel model called the xiao TIP-521.

Polaroid had planned to launch its new digital compact in the last quarter of 2008.

A Polaroid spokeswoman told us: ?There is no definite date for launch but it will not be ready for Christmas as previously believed.?

She said that the camera is expected to have its first showing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which takes place in Las Vegas from 8-11 January.

The as-yet-unnamed model is expected to feature an integrated printer and use the same ZINC technology as deployed in the standalone PoGo printer that debuted this summer.

Polaroid has previously stated that the camera will feature 16MB of internal memory, SD card storage and a monitor for viewing images.

Billed as the first in a range it will deliver 2x3in prints. The paper will slot into the back of the camera body.

Specification is yet to be finalised but Polaroid has previously hinted that it may carry a resolution of 5-million-pixels.

Next year is also expected to see the debut of the first Polaroid consumer digital camera to deliver ?4x3in? prints.

The 4x3in print size could be significant because it is the same format Polaroid used on its famous consumer instant film cameras before it discontinued traditional film.

In an historic move, Amateur Photographer (AP) readers were called on to help design the new camera, via a survey. Polaroid sought AP readers’ opinions on potential features it should include.

Picture: The new camera will feature the same technology as used in Polaroid’s portable PoGo printer


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