Plans to re-make instant film that is compatible with traditional Polaroid cameras have been delayed.

In 2008 Polaroid announced plans to axe its instant film, blaming the digital photography revolution.

Then, Netherlands firm Impossible B.V stepped in with a plan to revive production of instant films using Polaroid’s plant in Enschede.

However, last night, Impossible B.V admitted that the firm has ‘encountered a problem with one of the components vital to production’.

In a statement, Impossible B.V said: ‘On 22 March 2010 they [the project’s leaders] will discuss whether or not their Impossible Project will be possible.

‘At that time they will present the status of their work, their plans and their products, publicly in New York.’

It is not clear which component has triggered the crisis.

Last October, Polaroid licensee The Summit Global Group, revealed plans to re-launch some of Polaroid’s most famous instant film cameras.

At the time, Polaroid said it would once again manufacture a range of classic instant film products ‘like the Polaroid 600’ instant film, and also bring a range of instant cameras to use them, including the easy to use Polaroid One.

Impossible B.V was commissioned to develop and produce a limited number of Polaroid-branded films in the middle of 2010.

This was in addition to The Impossible Project’s own brand of instant film, production of which was due to begin early this year.

Last year, Ilford told us that it had successfully produced the photosensitive components for a ‘b&w’ film and was in talks with Impossible B.V over its commercialisation.


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