Polaroid has hired Graeme Chapman, formerly of Olympus, to head up its UK operation.

Chapman has been appointed managing director of Polaroid’s sole UK imaging licensee operation, Summit Global Group.

He spent nearly 30 years at Olympus, six as European President of its Consumer Products division.

Chapman brings with him to Polaroid his previous UK sales director at Olympus, Andy Cochrane.

The pair left Olympus in 2008 after a merger of Olympus’s medical and consumer businesses.

Chapman said: ‘I’m thrilled to be part of reigniting the Polaroid brand with a new UK structure and management team… I feel confident we can set Polaroid back among its competitors and instil confidence in the brand for both retailers and consumers.’

He added: ‘We will be concentrating on the brand’s strategy, its retail positioning and looking closely at its UK marketing. Polaroid is investing heavily in its brand image and reconnecting with its consumers, highlighting the appointment of Lady GaGa as Creative Director. We have an exciting time ahead of us.’