The trailer for upcoming horror flick POLAROID has just been released and it looks positively horrifying.

Many cultures have been wary of photography, from Native Americans to the Aborigines, due largely in part to the mystical/religious belief that reflections could hold one’s soul. It has long been the held of such cultures that if you could capture a piece of someone (eg. a lock of hair or an image) you could hold some power over them or worse still damage or steal a soul; hence the superstition around breaking mirrors.

Well if only people got off so lightly in POLAROID. One frame captured with this vintage camera and the subject is a goner.The film is based on a short film of the same name created by Norwegian director Lars Klevberg, and stars the stunning Madelaine Petsch among a cast of newcomers. The trailer suggests POLAROID could be a teen horror classic in the making, in the vein of Scream, The Ring and Final Destination. We don’t want to ruin it for you though, so watch the trailer above and see for yourself.

POLAROID opens in theatres on August 24th in Italy, followed by the US the next day and it’s expected later in the year in the UK.