Polaroid has insisted that its recently announced Polaroid 300 instant film camera is the first of a number of analogue models it plans to launch in the coming months.

The firm was responding to an accusation that it is ?twisting its story? about the cameras it plans to introduce this year.

Polaroid had angered management at the Impossible Project after revealing the Polaroid 300 (pictured), an instant camera that produces business-card-sized prints but does not use traditional Polaroid 600 film.

Impossible BV, which recently started making traditional instant film using Polaroid?s production plant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, had expected Polaroid to launch a new version of the Polaroid 1000 camera, which accepts 600-format film. The camera was showcased at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in January.

Impossible BV this week accused Polaroid of leaving it in the dark about cameras it plans to launch.

In response, a Polaroid spokesperson has since told us: ?The launch of the Polaroid 300 is only the beginning of the Polaroid Movement marking the return of instant photography, and is a tribute to the iconic Polaroid brand.

?We have had confirmed plans in place since early 2009 to launch a number of Polaroid analogue cameras and film in the coming months, which have been shared with all our partners, and we will ensure the supporters and fans of instant photography globally are the first to know when each Polaroid product will be on our shelves.?

The firm added: ?We are working successfully with a number of third parties to bring back Polaroid, without whom the launch of the 300 and the entire Polaroid Movement would not be possible. We hope to receive continued support from companies wishing to help us with our mission and appease the fans of the brand who have long awaited its return.?