Polaroid’s first digital camera with a built-in printer is set to arrive in the UK later this month priced around £230.

The Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera delivers 2x3in prints and allows users to preview the images via the camera’s 3in LCD screen.

The five-million-pixel compact also boasts a movie-mode, with sound, according to the Firebox.com website which says the cameras will begin shipping on 11 May.

Like the firm’s standalone PoGo printer launched last year, the camera uses Zero Ink (ZINK) technology, which Polaroid hails as the digital equivalent of instant film.

Similar to dye-sublimation printing, ZINK uses heat to produce an image on special paper.

Polaroid has yet to release an official press release on the upcoming UK launch.

Last year, Amateur Photographer (AP) readers were given the chance to help design a new Polaroid digital camera that will include an on-board printer focused on ‘professional and business users’.

The camera will be the first Polaroid consumer digital camera to print photographs measuring 4x3in.

The 4x3in print size could be significant because it is the same format Polaroid used on its famous consumer instant film cameras before it discontinued traditional film.

NEWS UPDATE: Full UK spec released


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