An amateur photographer was arrested at lunchtime today while taking photographs of posters on a building in Hounslow, west London.

Photography enthusiast Karol Berezowski, originally from Poland, said officers handcuffed him, before taking him by car to Hounslow Police Station where he was held for three hours.

Berezowski said that officers told him they wanted to search him using their anti-terrorism powers.

He claims police forced him to the ground before bundling him into a police car.

The incident took place at 11.50am on Hounslow High Street.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer shortly after being released from police custody, Berezowski said he was charged with a public order offence after ‘refusing to take his hands out of his pockets’ when police carried out the search.

‘I am quite shocked,’ he told us.

Police said they will not release details of the incident ahead of a possible court hearing.

Berezowski, who works as a ‘building service engineer’, said that the reason police charged him was ‘abusive’ behaviour, which he denies.

The photographer, who has lived in London for three years, has told Amateur Photographer that he was photographing posters on buildings at the end of Hounslow High Street.

He had been using a classic Leica M6 film camera and claims to have been taking pictures for his portfolio.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that a man was arrested today for a ‘Section 5’ Public Order Offence, at 11.50am, but a spokesman refused to comment further for legal reasons.

The amateur photographer said he has been issued with an £80 fine but is currently seeking legal representation because he plans to take the case to court.

We understand he has 21 days to pay the fine.

‘I am not going to just pay a fine… It’s unbelievable,’ added the photographer who said he is determined to fight the case in court.

Hounslow Police Station declined to comment when contacted by Amateur Photographer.

See here to view some of Karol Berezowski’s STREET PHOTOS


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