American pop princess Miley Cyrus has developed a fascination for Leica, according to an online news report.

The 16-year-old, who stars as ?Hannah Montana? in the Disney TV show of the same name, borrowed a photographer’s Leica M8 digital rangefinder and kept it for three weeks, reports the Daily Contributor.

Cyrus was being photographed for an online version of Life magazine. Editor-at-Large Jeff Vespa said: ‘When our photographer pulled out his Leica M8, Miley was instantly fascinated.’

The photographer said: ‘I thought that was a great way for us to bond, so I showed her how to use the camera? Because she’s so into the camera, I said ”Hey, do you wanna borrow it?” So I left it with her.’

Leica has a history of high-profile users including legendary musician Eric Clapton, jazz singer Jamie Cullum, and the Queen.

Leica Camera Limited’s managing director David Bell said: ‘When you think of it, celebs spend their life surrounded by cameras clicking at them and operated by a cocktail of photographers!

‘Fortunately for Leica our pro users tend to be the type of photographers that celebs may warm to more and thus their equipment may have more interest to the celeb.’