Impossible PX 600The Impossible Project?s version of instant film designed to be used on Polaroid’s most popular consumer cameras, the 600 series, has gone on sale after a slight delay.

Last month, Dutch firm Impossible BV announced the launch of new black & white films for use in traditional Polaroid cameras.

Initially, only the PX 100, designed for Polaroid SX-70 cameras, was available.

Impossible held back the availability of the 600 film due to ‘unexpected demand’ for PX 100.

In a statement, the firm said: ‘While the previously released PX 100 Silver Shade may be considered to be more of an artistic material for the professional user, the new PX 600 Silver Shade film proves to be a much more convenient product for everyday use.’

Launch events for the PX 600 Silver Shade film will be held next week.

Impossible says it expects its first ‘colour’ instant film, an ISO 100 version, to go on sale in June.