Kodak is set to increase the price of all its films by 15%, just days after confirming plans to ditch all its colour reversal [slide] emulsions.

Eastman Kodak plans to discontinue its Professional Ektachrome E100VS, Ektachrome E100G and Elite Chrome Extra Color 100 slide films, blaming declining demand.

?That, compounded by the complexity of the product manufacturing processes has made it no longer possible to sustain three slide film products,? added the US-based firm in a statement last week.

Kodak expects remaining stocks to last from six to nine months, based on current sales, but warns that orders will be fulfilled on a ?first-come, first-served basis?.

?Inventories may run out before then, depending on demand,? added a spokesman.

Kodak?s Professional Color Negative and b&w films will continue.

However, in a further blow to customers, Kodak has since revealed plans to raise the price of all remaining films by around 15%.

?We have to contend with further increases in energy and raw material costs, and higher costs associated with lower volumes.

?Therefore, to remain a sustainable, viable business, the company is implementing a price increase for consumer and professional films.?

Earlier this year, Kodak’s US head office filed for bankruptcy protection and revealed plans to cease camera production.