In what was quickly dubbed ‘poppygate’, 10 Downing Street was forced to admit its mistake, telling reporters there had been an ‘oversight’.

Trouble began when social media users spotted that 10 Downing Street’s new Facebook profile picture of the PM was a previously published image plucked from the official Downing Street website, the key difference being that a poppy had been added – digitally.

no.poppySocial media users were quick to spot the Downing Street ‘oversight’. This is the original photo, available for public download from the Downing Street website

The 10 Downing Street Facebook page was later updated with a new portrait of David Cameron, in which he is seen actually wearing a poppy on his jacket.

But not before the move was widely mocked on Twitter.

cameroncorrectionAfter the debacle, Downing Street removed the manipulated image from its Facebook page, swapping it for a new photo of David Cameron, complete with real poppy (above)