Image, courtesy Schouten Select Cameras & Accessories

The Leica KE-7A, made for the US army and described as ‘new, never used’, has been offered for sale by Schouten Select Cameras & Accessories, a classic camera dealer based in Soest, The Netherlands. The shop is selling the camera on behalf of a collector.

Dating from 1972, the Leica is described as a military model. It was also available in a civilian version.

The store’s Marco Schouten told Amateur Photographer: ‘The camera belongs to a European collector who decided to sell his collection. This one is part of it. He bought the set, including the X-ray at a European auction.’

The kit is on sale on eBay, along with a Leica 50mm f/2 Elcan lens, for $45,300 (around £31,000).

Schouten has also listed the items separately on the store’s website for €29,750 (around £23,000).

The outfit includes a lens hood, lens cap and case.

According to the Leica Pocket Book, the Military Leica KE-7A was basically a Leica M4, made in Canada and finished in black chrome.

A small ‘production over-run’ went on sale to the general public.

The Elcan 50mm f/2 lens was supplied as standard.

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